What Football Position Should I Play? Take the Quiz!

Ready to kick your game up a notch and really find where you belong on the field? We thought so!

Because here’s the deal: playing football is about way more than just running around and getting a kick out of scoring goals. Well, okay, it’s a little bit about that, but there’s more to it, we promise.

Here’s what’s up:

Finding your spot on the football pitch is like unlocking a secret level in your favorite video game.

It’s where your unique mix of skills, style, and swagger come together to make magic happen. And guess what? You don’t need to be Messi or Rapinoe to find your perfect position – you just need to know yourself a bit better.

First things first:

Forget the idea that only forwards get the glory or that goalies are the only ones who can save the day.

Every position on that field is your chance to shine, to make those jaw-dropping moves that get people talking. Whether you’re sprinting down the wing, setting up the play, or shutting down the opponent’s best scorer, your role is crucial.

And the best part? You don’t need to break the bank with fancy kit or exclusive football clubs to find where you fit. All it takes is a bit of self-reflection and maybe a dash of courage to try something new.

Because here’s the kicker:

When you find that sweet spot where your abilities light up the pitch, that’s where the game really gets fun. You start moving with confidence, playing smarter, and maybe even leading your team to victory. And let’s be real, who doesn’t want to feel like a champ?

So, how do we get there?

Easy. We’ve cooked up a quiz that’s like no other. It’s not about judging your skills or telling you you’re not cut out for this or that. Nope. It’s about pairing your unique traits with the football position that screams “you.”

Ready to make your mark?

Let’s do this. Take the quiz, embrace the journey, and let’s find out where you’ll make your impression on the football pitch. Because life’s too fun not to play in your ideal spot.

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What Football Position Should I Play? Understanding Your Role on the Field

What Football Position Should I Play? positions on the field infographic

Football is more than just a game; it’s about finding where you fit best on the pitch, playing to your strengths, and helping your team win.

Let’s get into the main football positions to help you figure out where you might shine.

Goalkeepers: The Ultimate Defence

What Football Position Should I Play? woman goalie

Goalkeepers are crucial. Your job? Keep the ball out of the net.

You need quick reflexes, good judgment, and the ability to command your area.

It’s a unique position because you’re the only player who can use hands within the penalty box. Goalkeeping requires courage and resilience—after all, you’re the last line of defense.

Core Skills:

  • Quick reflexes and agility
  • Strong communication
  • Good positioning and judgment
  • Excellent shot-stopping ability

Training Tips: Practice diving and catching drills to improve reflexes and handling. Work on your footwork to enhance agility and positioning. Simulate game situations to improve decision-making under pressure.

Watch & Learn: 3 Pro Goalkeeping Tips

Here’s a great video tutorial that guides you through how to master 3 techniques to power up your goalie game.

Famous Pro Goalies We Love:

Hope Solo (USA): Renowned for her incredible shot-stopping ability and commanding presence in the goal.

Mary Earps (England): Award-winning Mary Earps has been pivotal for England, known for her shot-stopping ability and crucial saves, especially during the UEFA Euro Championship where England triumphed.

Defenders: Protecting the Goal

What Football Position Should I Play? woman defender

Defenders are the backbone of the team, tasked with stopping opponents and clearing the ball to safety.

Whether you’re a centre-back, full-back, or wing-back, you’ll need to be strong in tackles, smart in positioning, and ready to battle for every ball.

Defenders are all about reliability and teamwork, keeping the opposition at bay.

Core skills:

  • Strong tackling and interception
  • Excellent positioning and spatial awareness
  • Good aerial ability and physical strength
  • Ability to read the game and anticipate opponent moves

Training Tips: Focus on defensive drills that improve tackling and blocking. Practice heading and clearances from set pieces. Work on your positioning through game-like scenarios and spatial awareness exercises.

Watch & Learn: 7 Defender Tips to Make Strikers Fear You!

We love this video tutorial from Unisport who show you 7 quick drills to practice that will make you an awesome defender.

Famous Pro Defenders We Love:

Lucy Bronze MBE (England): Renowned for her athleticism, defensive skills, and ability to contribute offensively.

Becky Sauerbrunn (USA): A central defender known for her intelligence, tackling, and leadership.

Midfielders: The Heart of the Team

What Football Position Should I Play? woman midfielder on the pitch

Midfielders are where the action happens. You’ll connect defence with attack, distribute the ball, and help control the pace of the game.

Midfielders need to be versatile, with good passing, dribbling, and vision. You’re essentially the team’s engine, driving forward attacks and supporting defence when needed.

Core Skills:

  • Excellent passing and ball control
  • Good vision and decision-making
  • Stamina and work rate
  • Tactical awareness and versatility

Training Tips: Work on your passing range and accuracy with various drills. Improve your ball control and dribbling in tight spaces. Enhance your stamina with endurance training.

Watch & Learn: How to Become a Complete Midfielder

Here’s an awesome video that tells you about how important the role of a Midfielder is and gives you some top drills to improve your passing, dribbling and first touch.

Famous Pro Midfielders:

Keira Walsh (England) demonstrates a championship-winning mentality and has been instrumental in midfield, showcasing her skills in both national and club levels.

Alexia Putellas (Spain), a maestro in midfield for Barcelona and Spain, dazzles with her vision and control, making her an indispensable architect of play.

Forwards: Scoring the Goals

What Football Position Should I Play? woman striker in front of goal

Forwards are the goal scorers, always looking to break through the defensive line. As a forward, you’ll need speed, skill, and a sharp eye for goal.

Whether you’re playing as a striker or a winger, your main aim is to convert chances into goals.

It’s about being in the right place at the right time and having the composure to finish off opportunities.

Core Skills:

  • Clinical finishing and goal-scoring instinct
  • Speed and agility
  • Ball control and dribbling
  • Ability to make runs behind the defence

Training Tips: Practice shooting drills from various angles and distances. Work on your dribbling skills and ability to beat defenders one-on-one. Improve your speed and agility with sprinting exercises.

Watch & Learn: Striker Training For Forwards

We used the drills in this training session to power up our shooting skills. It’s a good one for the whole team to do, not just the forwards!

Famous Pro Forwards:

Megan Rapinoe (USA): Famous for her dribbling, precise crossing, and clutch goal-scoring ability.

Ada Hegerberg (Norway), a prolific striker for Lyon and Norway, showcases her goal-scoring prowess with remarkable finishing skills that have set records in the women’s game.

Every Position Matters

Remember, there’s no “easy” position on the football pitch.

Each role is vital to the team’s success, and finding the right one for you depends on your skills, physical attributes, and where you feel most comfortable playing.

Every player has a unique contribution to make, and understanding your strengths and preferences is key to finding your perfect position.

So, take a moment to think about what you enjoy most on the field, your key skills, and where you can make the biggest impact.

Whether you’re guarding the goal, defending your territory, controlling the midfield, or leading the attack, there’s a place for you in football. It’s all about teamwork, personal growth, and having fun.

The Final Score

Finding your ideal football position is more than just a decision—it’s a journey into understanding your unique strengths and how they fit within the team.

It’s about being open to exploring different roles on the pitch, enhancing not just your versatility but also your grasp of the game.

Every position offers its own lessons and opportunities for growth.

By embracing flexibility, you become not just a better player, but a valuable team asset ready to adapt and thrive wherever you’re needed. Remember, football is as much about personal growth as it is about the sport itself.

Whatever position you play, remember to go out there and give it all you got!

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