What is a Striker in Football? [How to Be A Top Scorer]

What is a Striker in Football?

Scoring goals is the name of the game in football.

That’s why strikers are so important; they’re the ones responsible for putting the ball in the back of the net.

But what does it take to be a top scorer? Speed, strength, agility, super vision and a cracking right/left foot?? Yes! All of this and more!

We’re here to explore what it takes to be a striker in football and how you can become one of the best.

Let’s kick off!

What is a Striker in Football?

In football, the striker is the player on the attack who is responsible for scoring goals. The striker’s main job is to put the ball in the back of the net, but they also need to be able to create chances for their teammates

What position does a striker play in a football team?

what is a striker in football infographic that shows the position of a striker on a team formation on a football pitch

What is the role of a striker in football?

A striker is one of the most important players on a football team. Their job is to score goals, and they are positioned near the front of the pitch.

A good striker has excellent shooting skills and can make well-timed runs to get open for a pass.

They also need to be able to dribble past defenders and create scoring chances for themselves or their teammates.

A striker who can do all of this is a dangerous weapon for any team, and they can often make the difference between winning and losing.

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How do you become a good striker in football?

Know your role on the field. As a striker, you should be focused on one thing only: scoring goals.

It may sound obvious, but it’s important to keep this in mind when you’re on the field. You should be constantly moving towards the goal and looking for opportunities to shoot.

When you have the ball, don’t be afraid to take a shot—even if it doesn’t end up going in, your teammates will appreciate your effort.

Stay calm under pressure. When you’re in front of the goal and everyone is watching you, it can be easy to get nervous and lose focus. However, it’s important to stay calm and composed if you want to score. Take a deep breath and think about where you want to place the ball before you take your shot.

Practice, practice, practice. Like with anything else in life, practice makes perfect when it comes to football. The more you play, the more comfortable you will feel on the pitch and the more likely you are to score goals.

So get out there and start kicking the ball around—you never know when you might find yourself in a situation where scoring could make all the difference for your team.

Watch and learn: How to play striker in football.

Here’s a great video that tells you all about how to be a good striker with some top tips and tricks from the best in the game.

What is difference between striker and forward?

In football, the striker is the player who is responsible for taking shots at the goal. This player has excellent speed and agility, making them well-suited for getting into position to take a winning shot.

The forward is the player who is responsible for setting up scoring opportunities for their team. They can score too, as well as assist.

With good vision and passing ability, they’re well-suited for finding their teammates in open space and making that all-important assist.

While both strikers and forwards are important players on a football team, they have different roles to play.

Each type of player brings their own unique skills to the game.

What is the difference between a striker and a centre forward?

Though these two positions may appear to be similar, they actually have very different responsibilities.

A striker is responsible for leading the attack and scoring goals, while a centre forward is responsible for linking up with other players and creating chances for them to score.

Strikers tend to be more individualistic players, while center forwards are more team-oriented.

Strikers typically have more pace and agility than centre forwards, who need to be more physically strong in order to hold up the ball and bring other players into the game.

Ultimately, each position requires its own unique skillset, and both strikers and centre forwards play an important role along with the defenders in helping their team to bring that win home!


The most successful striker in the women’s game is Barcelona’s Alexia Putellas.

She won Ballon d’Or Feminin, The Best FIFA Women’s Player and UEFA Woman Players Of Year Awards for 2021 – which says it all you need to know about her skills!

What skills should a striker have?

In the beautiful game of football, the striker is often the player who gets all the glory. After all, it’s their job to put the ball in the back of the net and score those all-important goals. But what does it take to be a great striker?

Here are five skills you’ll need to be good at if you want to keep hitting the back of the net:

  1. Lightning-fast reflexes. Strikers need to be able to react quickly to changes in play and take advantage of any opportunities that come their way.
  2. Excellent coordination. Don’t underestimate the ability to control your body and the ball at the same time, making split-second decisions and movements.
  3. Superb vision. Always thinking one step ahead of their opponents. They need to be able to read the game and anticipate where the ball is going to go next. This allows them to make smart runs and get into position for a goal-scoring opportunity.
  4. Awesome technical ability. Of course, they need to be able to control the ball with precision and strike it with power and direction when they get their chance.
  5. Mental toughness and resilience. They need to be able bounce back from setbacks and keep going even when things are tough. They also need nerves of steel, as they will often find themselves in high-pressure situations where they need to keep their cool and deliver when it matters most.

If you’ve got these five skills, then you’re well on your way to becoming a great striker!

Is striker the hardest position in football?

There’s no question that being a striker in football is a demanding position.

Not only do you have to be quick and agile, but you also need to have excellent ball control and an accurate shot. And of course, you need to be able to score goals!

But is striker the hardest position in football? That’s a tough question to answer!

The striker is often said to be one of the hardest positions to play. After all, they’re responsible for scoring goals, and if they don’t do their job, the team won’t win.

But we believe every position on the football field has its own challenges, and each player brings their own unique skillset to the game and works as a team to win.

The final score.

So now you know what it takes to be a top scorer.

Strikers need to have lightning quick reflexes to pounce on any opportunity that comes their way.

They also need to be physically strong to hold off defenders and have the stamina to run up and down the pitch all game long.

And of course, they need to have superb finishing skills to make sure they put the ball in the back of the net when they get a chance.

If you think you’ve got what it takes to be a striker, then there’s only one thing left to do: get out there and start scoring some goals!

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