What To Pack In Your Football Bag? – 5 Essential Items You Shouldn’t Be Without.

Whether you’re a seasoned football player or a newbie to the game, having the right items in your soccer bag can make all the difference.

You need to be prepared for any situation on or off the pitch. So what should you make sure to have packed as you head out for your next practice or match?

Here are five essential items that every football player shouldn’t be without.

What to pack in your football bag?

what to pack in you football bag - shin guards or shin pads

#1 Shin Pads

Shin pads are an absolute must-have when it comes to protecting yourself from injury while on the pitch.

Football is a physical game, and shin pads provide necessary protection from kicks and other contact with other players.

Make sure to get lightweight shin pads that fit properly, are the right size, won’t move around and provide good coverage against hard kicks and slides.

what to pack in your football bag - football boots

#2 Football boots

Of course, you need your boots! You shouldn’t play football without the right pair of football boots.

Select football boots that are the right type for the surface you’re playing on. Ones with good traction and support will help you keep your balance and move quickly during play.

And if possible, get yourself two pairs—one for dry fields and one for wet—so that you can switch out depending on conditions.

what to pack in your football bag - spare socks

#3 A spare pair of socks

A spare pair of football socks are something that’s often overlooked until it’s too late!

Not only do they keep your feet warm during cold weather games, but a spare pair of socks will also come in handy if your current pair gets soaked through with sweat or mud during playtime.

Keep a pair tucked away in your bag for emergencies!

water bottles

#4 Water bottle & electrolyte mix

Staying hydrated is critical during any type of physical activity, but especially so when playing football!

Pack a water bottle with an electrolyte mix to ensure you stay energised throughout the entire game or practice.

If possible, try to avoid sugary beverages as these can cause energy crashes mid-game!

what to pack in your football bag - hairbands, hair bobbles, head bands

#5 Hair Bands/Headbands

This might seem like a small item, but football headbands or hairbands can make all the difference in keeping hair out of your face while playing.

Keep some hair bands handy so that you can focus on your game without worrying about stray hairs getting in the way.

Watch and learn: How to pack a football bag on a budget

Here’s a great video that shows you some top tips and tricks on how to pack your football kit bag with all the essentials if you’re on a budget

What to pack in a kids football bag?

When packing for your kiddo, you’ll want to ensure that they have all the items necessary for a successful football experience.

Here are six must-haves for the football kit bag of any budding football player.

#1 The right football boots

First and foremost, a good pair of football boots is essential.

Not only do they provide support and traction on the pitch, but they also prevent injuries by increasing balance and protecting feet from impact.

When selecting boots for your kid, go with something lightweight and breathable, like Nike Mercurial Superfly or Adidas X Ghosted. This will help your child move faster with more control during the game.

#2 Shin pads

No matter what level of football your child plays, shin pads are an absolute must-have item in their bag!

They protect kids from painful kicks while running up and down the field or engaging in contact sports like football.

Be sure to get a good pair that fit comfortably and stay put during the game—you don’t want to have to stop in the middle of play just because the shin pads slipped off!

#3 A large water bottle

It’s important for any athlete to stay hydrated throughout their game or practice—and this goes double for kids playing football!

Make sure your child always has access to plenty of water by packing them a large water bottle that they can easily refill between drills or games.

A stainless steel bottle is best because it will keep their water cold longer. Electrolyte drinks are not suitable for kids so stick to H2O.

#4 Snacks! Snacks! Snacks!

Playing sports takes energy! That’s why it’s important to pack some healthy snacks like granola bars or trail mix alongside their water.

This way your kid can fuel up with some nutritious options before they head out onto the field.

#5 Sunscreen & insect repellent (Optional)

Depending on where you live, these items may not be necessary.

But if you know that exposure to sunlight or insects are on the cards, then make sure these two items are packed away in each one of your child’s bags too!

Sunscreen should ideally have an SPF rating of 30+, while insect repellents should contain DEET as its main active ingredient for maximum protection against mosquitoes and other bugs.

#6 Waterproofs (Optional)

A simple waterproof jacket or poncho can come in handy during rain delays or emergency situations, so always make sure to include one in your child’s football bag.

You may also want to pack some gloves and a beanie for extra warmth and protection fro the elements during cold weather games, but these should be optional items depending on the climate where you play.

Don’t forget spares of everything just in case!

With these six items packed securely away in their kit bag, your kiddo will be ready for any football game that comes their way!

The final score.

Playing football should be fun and safe, which means being prepared for anything that comes your way!

Don’t forget these essential items for your football bag – shin guards, cleats, spare socks, water bottle & electrolyte mix, and hair bands/headbands – so that you can focus on what matters most – having fun on the field!

With these must-haves in tow, you’ll be ready for whatever comes your way during playtime. Happy kicking!

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