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If you’re anything like us, when the cold weather sets in your nose starts leaking like a tap. Ew! In football, a nose full of snot can really get in the way of your game. That’s why a lot of players use Vicks to help them keep their noses clear on the field. So why do football players use Vicks?

Let’s kick off!

Why do football players use Vicks VapoRub?

It all comes down to your airways. Vicks is often used to relieve congestion in the nose and upper respiratory system.

Dabbing some Vicks on your football shirt chest where it’s close enough to be inhaled, provides relief for nasal congestion, opens up the airways and allows you to breathe easier during intense physical activity.

Plus, its cooling sensation can provide an extra burst of energy when needed most.

From Patrick Viera who was famed for using it at Arsenal, to Vinicius Junior who was splashing all over his shirt in the recent World Cup while playing for Brazil, Vicks Vapor Rub is a must-have for any football player.

What is Vicks VapoRub?

Vicks Vapor Rub is that powerful minty jelly rub that you have to be careful to wash off your hands because if you get it in your eyes – or anywhere else – it stings!

But we love it for the way it opens your airways up and helps you breathe easier – at home and on the pitch.

What’s it made of? It contains three main ingredients—camphor, menthol, and eucalyptus oil—that are known for their soothing, cooling effects.

Camphor works to reduce pain and inflammation, while menthol has analgesic properties that can help provide relief from muscle aches and pains.

It also contains eucalyptus oil which is known for its antiseptic properties and can help clear congestion in the sinuses.

All three of these ingredients combine to make an ointment that is not only effective but also smells pretty lush.

Many athletes swear by it as an easy way to relieve nasal congestion which makes breathing during intense physical activity much easier!

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Why do football players put Vicks in their nose?

Another way to apply Vicks before a match is up your nose.

Vicks makes a nasal spray that’s specifically designed to promote the relief of nose-related conditions.

A quick squirt up each nostril helps open your airways and reduces inflammation, so it’s perfect for athletes with allergies or sinus congestion.

And since it’s a nasal spray, you don’t get that stinging/burning feeling like when you put Vicks Vaporub on your skin!

Most of us prefer Vicks Vapor Rub on our shirts at the chest as it keeps working throughout the game.

Always carry Vicks with you when playing in cold weather, especially if you're prone to allergic reactions or sinus congestion!

Do football players put Vicks on their shirts?

Absolutely! It’s not only a great way to help open up airways and reduce inflammation, but it provides that cooling sensation we all crave during intense physical activity.

As well as helping your breathe more easily through a blocked or runny nose, it helps with allergies too.

Putting it on your shirt in the center of your chest means that it stays in place and its properties can work their magic and keep being inhaled throughout the game.

How can players use Vicks as part of their football game?

Vicks can be used as part of a pregame ritual for players who feel a bit congested.

Before the match or practice, just apply some Vicks to your chest area, focusing mostly on the area in the centre of your chest, just beneath your collarbone.

This will provide much-needed relief from any congestion or pain before you step onto the pitch!

Players can also use Vicks Vaporub while they are on the field as an extra energy boost in between sets of drills.

A quick dab of Vicks on your wrists gives you a mild cooling sensation that can provide immediate relief and help give you an edge over your opponents! Try it!

Vicks Top Tips:

1. Always keep some Vicks on hand when playing in cold weather conditions – it’s great for relieving nasal congestion, and can provide an energy boost when needed.

2. Apply Vicks to your chest area before games – its cooling sensation can help open up the airways, allowing athletes to breathe easier during intense physical activity.

3. Don’t forget to wash off your shirt after use – you don’t want your whole kit smelling like Vicks all day!

The final score.

Vicks Vapor Rub is an essential part of any athlete’s football kit and pre-game routine.

It helps open up the airways, reduces congestion and inflammation, and provides a mild cooling sensation that can help give athletes an extra boost of energy during intense physical activity.

Plus, its minty aroma can provide a nice pick me up before hitting the pitch! So don’t forget to add Vicks to your pre-game prep – you’ll be glad you did!

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