Soccer Pinnies – What They Are & 5 Top Ways To Use Them.

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Soccer pinnies are an essential piece of kit for any soccer team. Not only are they an easy way to way to distinguish between teams during training or in a game, but they can also be used a whole load of ways that will help improve your skills both on and off the pitch.

Let’s take a look at what soccer pinnies are, as well as five top ways you can use them to get the most out of your game. 

What Are Soccer Pinnies? 

Soccer pinnies—also known as scrimmage vests—are lightweight shirts that come in a variety of colors and sizes.

They’re typically made from mesh fabric and you wear them over your regular soccer gear or practice kit to identify groups or teams during scrimmages or drills. They’re often reversible too – so that two different colored sides can be worn based on which team is playing each other. 

We love them because it means you don’t have to worry what color top you’re planning to wear to training or a match!

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5 Top Ways To Use Soccer Pinnies 

If you have these bibs as part of your soccer kit, there are so many drills, skills and games you can play to hone your soccer skills and up your game.

Here are a few of our favourite uses for soccer pinnies that will help you to crush your game.

#1. Identify teams

OK, the most obvious use for a soccer pinny is to identify one team from another.

Color coding makes it easy to tell who is on which side so there’s no confusion during playtime.

They also help coaches ensure that each team understands their role and helps players focus on their individual tasks without any confusion.

It’s also just a lot more fun when both teams can be easily identified!  

#2. Practice drills

One of the best ways to use soccer pinnies is in training drills.

Coaches can have players wear different colored pinnies as a visual aid during all kinds of drills and team games. For example:

  • You can have players wear different colored pinnies to differentiate between ‘attackers’ and ‘defenders’ during a dribbling drill so they can practice their defensive and offensive skills more effectively.
  • They’re a great to use as targets for passing drills. Players can set up cones or markers around the field in order to practice their passing accuracy while other players wear different colored pinnies as targets that they must hit with their passes in order to score points or complete the drill successfully. 
  • Players can wear them during dribbling exercises or even relay races to help improve their overall agility skills.  

The possibilities are endless and much much easier when you have bibs!

#3. Increase Focus

Wearing pinnies can help you and your team or group stay focused on your tasks.

Ever tried to play a game where you just have to remember who’s on your team? It’s really hard.

Soccer pinnies help you to easily identify who’s who without having to think about it. Quickly identifying your team mates and opponents and makes it easier for you to keep track of what they need to do in each drill or match.

Leaving more brain power for listening to your coach’s instructions, planning moves, creating passes and getting your head in the game.

#4. Team Building

Soccer pinnies can be used for more than just identifying teams; they’re also great for team building activities like group puzzles or obstacle courses where cooperation and communication among teammates is essential for success!

This type of activity helps foster camaraderie within groups and encourages players to work together more effectively both on and off the field.  

#5. Fun Games

Finally, don’t forget about using soccer pinnies for some good old-fashioned fun!

Whether it’s a game of tag or something more elaborate like capture-the-flag, having distinct colors will make any game more exciting and engaging for everyone involved!

Plus, it’s a great way to get everyone moving around in a way that will help them on the pitch.

Watch and learn: Fun games and training drills to try at your next practice

Here’s a great compilation of some of the best training drills that the pros use to get fitter and faster at football.

Why so soccer players wear pinnies on the bench or sidelines?

Soccer players wear pinnies when sitting on the bench or warming up on the sidelines to show that they’re not actively playing in that game.

The referee can instantly tell who’s off the pitch and it also makes life easier for spectators and announcers, as well as preventing potential confusion between the substitutes and actual players.

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Why are they called ‘soccer pinnies’?

Soccer pinnies are a fun, practical accessory for sports teams of all ages. But why are they called ‘pinnies’?

It turns out the word dates back to the early 19th century and is derived from the word pinafore.

A pinafore was originally a protective apron worn by housemaids to keep their dresses clean. The first soccer uniforms were very basic: usually just an apron, which helped give teams some level of differentiation on the field.

Over time, the apron evolved into what we know now – soccer pinnies!

Today’s colorful mesh vests have come quite far from those humble beginnings, but it’s still funny to think about how our modern-day sports attire took its inspiration from maids of centuries past!

What are soccer pinnies made of?

Soccer pinnies have come a long way since their days of being made with heavy, itchy cotton fabric!

Now, they are designed with modern athletes in mind and crafted from lightweight, breathable micro-mesh nylon mesh fabric.

Not only does this make them incredibly comfortable to wear, but the sleek aerodynamic design makes it easy to swish around the pitch looking like an absolute pro.

Micro-mesh soccer pinnies represent what the sport has become – efficient and stylish, while also being practical and high performance.

How do you wash soccer pinnies?

Taking care of your soccer pinnies doesn’t have to require a ton of time or effort!

The best way to ensure they stay in great shape is by washing them after every game.

Make sure you don’t wait too long – pinnies can get super sweaty in training and they can STINK if left to fester in your kit bag!

All you need is some laundry detergent, warm water and a little bit of TLC.

Simply set your machine on a gentle setting, add the detergent and voilà – clean pinnies for the next match!

Don’t forget to hang up your pinnies to dry. Although we stick them on a low heat in the dryer as can’t deal with all the pegs! And ironing? Whats that?!

What can I carry soccer pinnies in?

The most popular way to keep your pinnies protected from the rain and dirt is in a drawstring backpack like these ones that you can get from Amazon – perfect for ensuring that all of your pinnies stay together.

Additionally, use a gym bag or a sports towel bag to easily store and transport your team’s soccer pinnies.

For travelling, fold or roll them into as small of a size as possible – no need to worry about creasing or ripping!

Football bibs and pinnies are an essential part of any team’s kit bag and soccer accessories. Just like a soccer ball, they should be with you wherever you go.

Where can I buy soccer pinnies?

Soccer pinnies are easily available online from places like Amazon and from most sports stores.

You’ll find pinnies in various layers and sizes, perfect for any team size or any type of weather. 

So no matter where you live, there’s no excuse not to get the perfect fit for your team!

The final score.

Soccer pinnies are an extremely versatile piece of kit that every soccer player or coach should have in their arsenal!

Not only do they make identifying teams easier during games, but they can also be used for countless other activities that will help improve skills both on and off the pitch.

From improving agility through dribbling exercises, increasing focus through relay races, fostering teamwork with group puzzles, or just having some good old-fashioned fun with games like tag—soccer pinnies give players plenty of options when looking for ways to make the most out of practice time!

So go ahead—get yourself some colorful scrimmage vests today and see how much difference they make! With these five top tips you’ll soon find yourself winning matches like never before!

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