What Does AG Mean in Soccer Cleats? Everything You Need To Know.

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Whether you’re a keen soccer player gearing up for the next big game or a devoted parent encouraging your little one to score the winning goal – you’ve probably spotted a few labels outlining that a pair of boots are ‘AG’. But what does Ag mean in football (soccer) boots?

Keep reading as we delve into the world of AG in football boot design and discuss everything from use cases through to construction techniques.

By the end, you’ll know more than just what AG stands for…you’ll have confidence when choosing which pair of shoes makes perfect sense for your unique needs – no matter who wears them!

Let’s kick off!

What does AG mean in football (soccer) boots?

AG stands for Artificial Grass.

Artificial grass is a surface that is made to look and feel like natural grass, but it is actually man-made. It is often used in football stadiums and training facilities because it is a low-maintenance option that can withstand a lot of wear and tear.

The Different Types of Football Boots Explained

Football boots or soccer cleats are a super important part of any player’s equipment – if not the most important!

There are all sorts of different types of football boots out there, each with their own specific purpose.

Let’s take a look at the different types of football boots and what they’re best suited for so you can find the right football boot for you.

What does AG mean in football boots or soccer cleats? AG= artificial ground football boots

AG Boots: Artificial Grass Boots

Artificial grass boots, or AG boots, are designed specifically for use on artificial turf like 3G and 4G pitches.

They have shorter and more densely packed studs or blades than other types of football boots, which allows for better traction on the surface.

Because artificial turf can be quite hard and abrasive, AG boots also tend to have thicker soles to provide more cushioning.

If you’re going to be playing on artificial turf frequently, then AG boots are a good choice for you. The best thing is, they can also be used on natural grass surfaces.

What does AG mean in football (soccer) boots? FG = firm ground football boots

FG Boots: Firm Ground Boots

Firm ground boots, or FG boots, are designed for use on natural grass surfaces that are dry and well-maintained.

They have longer studs than AG boots, which helps to provide better traction and stability on firm surfaces.

FG boots are a good choice if you’re going to be playing mostly on natural grass surfaces.

They can also be used on artificial turf surfaces. Just keep in mind that the softer sole may not provide as much cushioning as an AG boot.

SG=soft ground football boots

SG Boots: Soft Ground Boots

Soft ground boots, or SG boots, are designed for use on natural grass surfaces that are wet or muddy.

They have longer and more widely spaced studs than AG or FG boots, which helps to provide better traction and stability on soft surfaces.

SG boots are a good choice if you’re going to be playing mostly on wet or muddy natural grass surfaces.

These aren’t a good idea to use on artificial pitches, fields or turf because the longer studs can cause damage to the surface (and your feet!).

Watch and learn: How to choose between FG, AG and SG football boots.

Here’s an awesome video that shows you the differences between the different types of football boots nad helps you decide which type of sole is right for you.

Can I wear Ag football (soccer) boots on grass?

The short answer is yes, you can wear AG football boots on grass! It’s perfectly fine.

While each version of football boot (AG, FG, SG and TF) are designed for a specific surface type, by no means does that mean one can’t ever venture away from it!

Try out a pair of AG football boots on grass if you’re looking for that extra traction and stability when stepping into those 50/50 challenges but still wanting the advanced control offered by a more lightweight upper.

Can you wear AG football (soccer) boots on AstroTurf?

If your game’s being played on AstroTurf, you can wear AG football boots.

AG football boots have got you covered whether you’re playing on turf, AG, or grass. The extra grip will really help you nail those slides and dashes easily. 

Turf is kind of like carpet and Artificial Grass – while not exactly natural grass – provides ideal traction during the game.

Plus, since you’re playing on artificial grass you don’t have to worry about getting your shoes muddy!

Can you wear AG football (soccer) boots on Firm Ground (FG)?

The answer is yes, you can wear AG boots on firm ground pitches – and that’s good news if you’re playing on a variety of different surfaces.

Not only can you find AG boots specially designed for natural grass, there are also some great dual-purpose FG/AG football boots out there if you want the ultimate flexibility.

So if your competitive calendar takes you from matches on turf to tournaments on synthetic grass – don’t panic! You’ll be perfectly prepped whether you’re stomping around the pitch in AG or FG boots.

Are FG or AG football (soccer) boots better?

When it comes to debating which type of studs are better for football boots – the FG or AG version – everyone has an opinion. And if we’re being honest, both have their advantages.

When it comes down to the potential benefits of each, FG studs are great for producing power and acceleration due to their fixed shape and deeper surface, whereas AG soles offer extra grip so you can stay on your feet when playing on artificial surfaces.

Ultimately, though, the choice is yours – just make sure whatever boot you pick fits properly to get the best out of your game!

What’s the difference between men and women’s football boots?

When it comes to football boots, men and women have different needs! Men’s boots tend to be heavier, offering greater support and stability.

Women’s boots on the other hand tend to be more lightweight and flexible, providing better control of the ball.

Narrower toe boxes allow for better feel and precision with passes and shots. They also usually come with higher arch support for a comfortable fit, as well as bolder colorways for some extra style points!

However you identify, there are tailored football boots just for you!

The final score.

Should you wear AG football boots? Now that you know the different types of football boots and what they’re best suited for, you can make an informed decision when it comes time to purchase your own pair!

Just remember that no matter what type of boot you choose, it’s always important to break them in properly before using them in a game situation.

And if you’re ever unsure about what type of boot to choose, just ask one of our knowledgeable sales associates—we’re always happy to help!

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