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FG, SG, AG….there are so many acronyms when it comes to buying the right football (soccer) boots! If you’re shopping for women’s soccer cleats, you might have come across the term “IC” and wondered what it meant. Well, wonder no more!

In this blog post, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about the meaning of IC in football boots – and whether they’re the right boots for you.

Let’s kick off!

What are Indoor Court (IC) boots?

What does IC mean in football (soccer) boots? indoor court shoes image

Indoor court boots are a type of soccer cleat that is designed for use on indoor soccer courts! (yes, really!).

They typically have a flatter sole than traditional outdoor soccer cleats, which helps to provide better traction and stability on indoor surfaces.

Indoor court boots often have a lower profile than outdoor cleats, which makes them lighter weight and more comfortable to wear. 

They don’t have studs like other football boots but are super grippy to stop you sliding around the polished surface of an indoor pitch.

Indoor Football (soccer) Boots vs Regular Football (Soccer) Cleats.

The main difference between indoor court soccer boots and regular soccer cleats is the type of soleplate that they have.

Indoor court soccer boots have a non-marking rubber soleplate, which means that they will not leave marks on the indoor court surface.

Regular soccer cleats have a metal or plastic studded soleplate, which can damage an indoor court surface and will see you skid and slide around!

Watch and learn: Different types of football (soccer) boots explained.

Here’s a great video that shows you the different types of football boots available today and explains the different types of soleplates, surfaces and studs you can wear.

Why Do I Need Indoor Court Boots?

Indoor soccer is a fast-paced, exciting sport that is growing in popularity all over the world. And with good reason! Indoor soccer is a great way to stay in shape and have fun at the same time. 

If you play indoor football games like 5-a-side or futsal, you’ll need these boots.

Indoor Court boots are designed with a flatter sole than other types of soccer boots.

This is because the playing surface of an indoor court is flatter and harder than the playing surface of an outdoor grass field.

They provide you with the necessary traction and control for this style of game so you don’t slip over and injure yourself!

Can I wear trainers or sneakers on indoor courts?

The thing about wearing trainers on an indoor court for soccer is that they won’t be as comfortable as wearing indoor football boots.

This isn’t necessarily due to any lack of comfort in the trainers themselves, but because they don’t provide as much traction as indoor football boots do.

Indoor football boots have special soles that help grip the surface of an indoor court, while trainers may cause you to slip over more easily. 

Indoor shoes are like football boots without studs, so provide extra support for your feet and protection against kicks and tackles.

However, if you don’t want to invest in a new pair of soccer shoes just for playing indoors, then wearing trainers will certainly do!

Just be sure that you choose a pair with plenty of cushioning so that you can keep your feet comfortable—you don’t want to end up with sore feet at the end of a game!

Can I wear IC football boots on grass pitches?

Soccer is all about getting the right grip and with IC soccer boots, that can be tricky on a grass pitch!

They might do okay if the pitch isn’t too damp or wet, but because they don’t have studs, you’re actually better off going for boots that are specifically designed for grass surfaces.

That way, you can be sure you’ll have optimal grip no matter how wet it is.

Bottom line: when it comes to soccer and grass pitches, don’t skimp on the boot!

Can I wear indoor football (soccer) cleats on artificial grass pitches?

If you’re planning on playing soccer on an artificial grass pitch, your indoor soccer shoes may not be the best option.

While it’s technically possible to wear indoor court (IC) football boots on a 3G or 4G grass pitch, it’s probably not the best idea – you’ll find that you might slide more than usual throughout the game.

It’s generally recommended to opt for boots designed specifically for the type of surface you plan on playing on – in this case, astroturf is an ideal footwear choice for artificial pitches.

Other types of football boots.

Whether you’re a football pro or just getting into the sport, you need the right footwear to get the most out of your game.

With so many different types of football boots available, it can be hard to know where to start when it comes to finding the perfect fit. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular styles on offer and how they can help you up your football game. 

TF (Turf) Football Boots 

TF boots are designed for playing on artificial turf surfaces such as AstroTurf.

The soles are usually made from hard rubber and feature a combination of smaller studs that work together for extra grip on synthetic surfaces.

These boots are generally lightweight, making them an ideal choice for players who need a boot that won’t weigh them down during long games. 

SG (Soft Ground) Football Boots 

In contrast to TF boots, SG boots have longer studs that provide better traction in wet or muddy conditions.

They are usually made from either leather or synthetic materials and feature multiple large studs along with some small ones for extra grip on slippery surfaces.

SG boots provide great stability, which is especially important in wet weather conditions when footing and the pitch can become treacherous. 

AG (Artificial Ground) Football Boots 

AG boots are designed specifically for playing on artificial grass like 3G and 4G and other artificial surfaces.

The soles feature shorter studs than SG boots, allowing players greater control while still providing good traction on artificial grass in wet weather conditions.

AG boots offer great performance, durability, and comfort—all essential factors when choosing your ideal football boot! 

FG (Firm Ground) Football Boots 

FG boots are designed for natural grass fields and offer excellent ball control and comfort due to their soft uppers and low profile cleats.

The studs on firm ground boots allow players to move quickly without sacrificing stability—perfect if you’re looking for a boot with both speed and agility!  

The final score.

Indoor Court boots (IC) are designed for use on, well, indoor courts.

They have a flatter sole and smaller studs than other types of soccer boots to help players maintain traction and control on the flat, soft indoor playing surface.

So whether you play soccer indoors or outdoors (or both!), it’s always a good idea to have a pair of Indoor Court boots in your arsenal!

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