What Does MG Mean in Soccer Cleats? All You Need To Know.

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Offside, sweeper, step over, set piece…loving and playing soccer means getting to grips with a lot of jargon!

One of these terminologies that often leave players and fans scratching their heads is the acronym “MG.” What does MG mean in soccer cleats?

If you play on different pitches or surfaces, it’s something you need to know. Before you rush out to buy your next set of soccer cleats, let’s go over what MG stands for and why it’s important to you.

Let’s kick off!

What does MG mean in soccer cleats?

MG stands for Multi-Ground.

It refers to soccer cleats that can be worn on different playing surfaces, including natural grass, artificial turf, and even hard ground.

Soccer cleats with MG soles have different studs of various lengths and shapes, which means they can be used on multiple surfaces.

What does MG mean in soccer cleats MG = MULTIGROUND SOCCER CLEATS infographic

Why do I need MG cleats?

MG soccer cleats are a game-changer for players who play on different surfaces throughout the season.

Take one scenario, for example, where you only play on natural grass. Then you can opt for soccer cleats with firm ground studs (FG).

But if you’re playing on hard ground or artificial turf like 3G and 4G pitches, you should get a pair with a multi-ground soleplate.

MG soccer cleats are versatile and can adapt to various field sizes and conditions.

So having a multi-ground soleplate is especially critical if you live in an area with unpredictable weather conditions, where playing surfaces can take a beating.

They can help you to maintain your stability and grip on different playing surfaces, preventing unwanted slips, and slides.

They provide better treading compared to other types of soleplates, ensuring that you can execute your footwork without worrying about your footing.

Benefits of MG soccer cleats

1. They can be worn on different playing surfaces including natural grass, artificial turf, and hard ground.

2. Versatile enough to adapt to various field conditions.

3. Help maintain stability and grip, preventing slips and slides.

4. Provide better treading compared to other types of soleplates for improved footwork execution without worrying about footing issues.

5. Can help players who play on multiple surfaces throughout a season with only one pair of cleats instead of needing more than one type of soleplate for each surface they’re playing on.

6. Can help save money and time as you don’t need to buy multiple pairs of cleats for different surfaces.

7. Can provide better traction on slippery surfaces, helping to ensure a successful game performance.

8. Allows players to play confidently no matter which surface they are playing on.

Watch and learn: How to choose the right soles for soccer.

Here’s a great video that talks you through and shows you all the options out there when it comes to footwear on the pitch and how to choose the right fit soccer boot for you.

What are MG cleats made of?

The soleplate of an MG soccer cleat is usually made from a durable material such as TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) or nylon, ensuring longevity and toughness on any surface.

The upper material of an MG cleat can range from synthetic leather to mesh or knit, depending on the brand and model.

When choosing an MG cleat, it is essential to look for an upper material that provides comfort, fit, and support.

What is the difference between FG and MG cleats?

While they may seem similar at first glance, these two types of cleats serve different purposes on the field.

FG cleats, or firm ground cleats, are designed for use on dry or slightly wet natural grass surfaces.

They have typically conical or blade-shaped studs that provide stability and traction on the firm grass.

MG cleats, or multi-ground cleats, are versatile and can be used on various surfaces such as natural or artificial grass and hard ground.

With studs of varying shapes, sizes, and depths, these cleats have no problem on different field conditions . 


What is the difference between SG and MG cleats?

So what on earth are SG cleats?

SG cleats or Soft Ground cleats are made for soft, muddy surfaces, with longer, more widely spaced studs that provide better grip and stability.

MG cleats are designed for firmer ground, with shorter and more closely spaced studs that offer greater traction on harder fields.

Knowing which type of cleats to wear can make all the difference in how you move, kick, and score.


Can you wear MG boots on 3G?

MG cleats are designed to be versatile and can handle both natural grass and 3G pitches.

Whether you’re playing on a grassy field or an artificial turf, you can rest assured that your MG cleats are up to the challenge. 

Can you wear MG boots on grass?

If you’re wondering whether you can wear your MG soccer cleats on grass, the answer is yes!

These cleats are designed to give you traction and stability on any surface, including natural grass.

The MG, or Multi-Ground, soleplate means that you can wear these cleats on firm-grass fields, as well as hard surfaces like artificial turf. 

Be warned though that MG soccer cleats are not suitable for playing on soft ground conditions such as wet natural grass or muddy fields.

For this, you’ll need cleats with more extended studs for grip and stability in the muddy, soggy field.

Whatever surface you’re playing on, it helps to regularly clean and maintain your cleats to ensure they stay in top shape.

Which football (soccer) boots should I buy?

The final score

It’s all about getting the right soccer shoe for your game and the playing surfaces you play on.

MG soccer cleats are the perfect shoe for soccer players looking for high-performance soccer cleats that can handle multiple playing surface conditions.

Finding one that offers the correct level of grip and traction will give you that extra edge and can make a difference between a win or a loss.

We hope this post answered all your questions about what MG means in soccer cleats and why it should matter to you.

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