Creative Director & Content Lead

Hi there! I'm Anna Adams, your go-to source for all things women's soccer. I've been crazy about soccer for over 20 years, ever since I was kicking a ball around with my brothers as a kid. I've turned my passion into a career where I get to share all the cool stuff about soccer with you.

As a content lead, I've had the awesome opportunity to work with various sports brands and publications. Whether it's the latest gear, pro tips, or just some cool soccer trivia, I'm all about making soccer accessible, interesting and fun.

Off the screen, I'm usually out on the field either playing in local 7 or 9-a-side leagues or helping coach the next generation of soccer stars. There's nothing like seeing young players fall in love with the game just like I did.

When I'm not living and breathing soccer, I'm out hiking, reading or just hanging out with friends and family. I truly believe soccer is more than just a game—it's a way to bring people together and create lasting memories.

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